Command No. 005/2019

Policy of the Quality, Environment, Occupational health and safety Managements


In order to effectively implement the quality management system, the environmental management system and the occupational health and safety management system, the policy of LPN plate mill (announcement No.004/2014) shall be cancelled and replaced by announcement No.005/2019 instead.

LPN Plate Mill Co., Ltd. is the hot rolled steel plate manufacturer. The quality of product is the first priority. We commit our responsibilities to the employee, the stakeholders, the social and environment by applying the quality, the environmental and the occupational health and safety management system at all levels of our business. We strive to demonstrate our strong commitment and continuously development through our actions as follows:

1. Produce new development and supply product to increase customer’s satisfactions. Delivery on time with the best services.
2. Continue to improve the production control system in order to maintain product quality.
3. Strictly comply with the laws and other requirements that the quality, the environment and the occupational health and safety managements are adhered to.
4. Continue to improve the prevention in term of the hazards in the working environment, fire and the hazards which has the risk level higher than the acceptable level of risk (3B).
5. Prevent injury and occupational disease by continuously improve health management system.
6. Efficiently use natural resources and energy. Protect environment by reducing pollution of water, air, waste and other pollution which caused by our activities, resulting in minimum effects to social, communities and the environments.
7. Specify the optimal objectives and targets along with follow up and review the performances for continuously improving the quality, the environment and the occupational health and safety management system.
8. Provide necessary resources that enhance training, consultation and the participation of employee in order to create long term success for company operations in efficient and sustainable way.

The policy will be announced to all the employees for acknowledgement and published to the public.

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