Hot Rolled Coils

LPN Plate Mill produced hot rolled coils with 4-8 ft in width and 3-25 mm. of thickness. Remarkable specialty is its smooth and plain surface throughout the sheet so it is appropriate for construction works, machinery industry, pipe industry, and other downstream industries.

LPN Plate Mill uses slab steel in its production process by selecting more appropriate variety and quality that match customer’s requirements. Reference codes are also applied before feeding them into the production process. The raw materials are calculated to give maximum yields of high quality product in accordance with the pre-rolling process as follows:
• Schedule rolling process
• Cut raw material with gas
• Designate code to help tracking the rolling process
• Retouch cut marks before feeding into the production process

After that the prepared raw material is fed into the reheat furnace until reach 1250±10 Degrees Celsius at the rate of 100 tons/hour and passes the process of deoxidization of steel oxides formed at high temperatures, by spraying high-pressure water at 150 Bars. The raw material is the rolled back and forth by the mill using the coiling furnaces on both sides of the mill. The coiling furnaces are used to maintain the temperature while rolling which allow plain and smooth surface of the strip while the desired thickness is achieved. This process is controlled by the Automatic Gauge Control System and its thickness is measured again by X-Ray Machines.

After the completion of rolling the steel is water cooled by passing through Laminar Flow Cooling Banks that keeps the steel to be rapidly cooled down at a proper rate so as to assure a satisfactory level of quality. Then it is rolled into coils in the Coiler machine, marked, weighed and placed at Coil Yard for further cooling. Before delivery to customers, inspections are made to ensure that goods are properly coded, quality and quantity of the sheet metal conform to customers’ requirements, and transportation is carried out with utmost care.

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